Local Volunteers Help Flooded Homeowners

Thank You Local Volunteers

Thank you to everyone who connected with Upper Valley Strong last weekend to help flood impacted homes. Local volunteers really came through, donating their personal time to help others.

Teamwork is the Name of the Game
Working together, we were able remove flood debris from flooded basements that had been there for four weeks!  Our local volunteers worked for several hours, alongside skilled teams of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief,  to remove mud and other flood debris. Volunteers used hand tools, sheet rock buckets, wheelbarrows, and elbow grease to clean out the mud. The Southern Baptists’ team provided tools and site supervision for the projects. The American Red Cross donated water and snacks, more than enough for both sites.
Great Work, Greatly Appreciated
These two homes are now ready for further restoration and the homeowners are extremely grateful for our collective effort.  UV Strong is grateful to everyone who connected with us to help their neighbors hit by this latest disaster!
Next Phase of Disaster Recovery
Recovery efforts are now moving in to the next phase of disaster recovery. We are looking volunteers with experience in interior repairs such as hanging drywall, painting, and other such skills.  Please contact  UV Strong if you are interested in helping with interior repairs (or want to assist others) for flood-impacted homes.

Mascoma Foundation Awards UV Strong $2,500 for Disaster Recovery



Mascoma Savings Bank, through the Mascoma Foundation, awarded Upper Valley Strong $2,500 to support disaster recovery work in the Upper Valley region.  Thanks to this generous donation UV Strong can continue to assist area residents impacted by disasters.

If You Still Need Help

Please contact UV Strong if you need assistance addressing damage related to the July 1st flooding; assistance is available that is not restricted to financial eligibility.

Volunteers Help Area Homeowners with Mud Outs

Volunteers Respond to Call for Help

Volunteers Help with Disaster Recovery

Local volunteers help remove flood debris from flooded home.

Local volunteers responded to requests for help removing flood debris from two area homes.  These volunteers will join a group from the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief of New England, a Vermont Voluntary Organization Active in Disasters (VTVOAD).  UV Strong will provide support with equipment, water, and supervision to provide a safe environment for the volunteers.

UV Strong wants to thank these volunteers for their assistance and their time. We appreciate that, in this busy world, people still carve out time to help neighbors in need.  We live in a great region and we can pull together to help others in need.


Construction Help Needed

Others in our region need skilled volunteers to assist with addressing longer term issues; drywall replacement, painting, electrical, and removing flood debris from their properties. Please contact UV Strong if you can help these neighbors with construction-related needs. Your time and effort will help these people feel like others in our region care and want to help them out in time of need.

HOPE Foundation Awards UV Strong Grant for Disaster Recovery

Upper Valley Strong received $3,000 from the Hypertherm HOPE Foundation.  This grant supports disaster recovery efforts in the Upper Valley area as a result of the recent flood event on July 1, 2017.  While most residents have been able to address damage with minimal assistance, others remain living day-to-day with flood debris on their property or even in the basement of their homes.  Upper Valley Strong urges residents to seek assistance with addressing damage to their home or property to avoid further damage.

Upper Valley Strong extends their gratitude to Hypertherm’s HOPE Foundation for their generosity and continued support.

Upper Valley Strong Hires Disaster Case Managers

As a result of the numerous requests for assistance from the recent flood event, Upper Valley Strong hired two new disaster case managers.  UV Strong wants to welcome these wonderful people and thank them for joining us in our disaster recovery efforts.

Matt Coates, Disaster Case Manager, Upper Valley Strong


Matt Coates is new to the disaster case management field and excited to help area residents address their flooded homes and properties as quickly as possible.   Matt, a recent college graduate and Peace Corps hopeful, will contact those who have requested assistance and help connect them to services.



Picture of Lisa Golden Morse

Lisa Morse, Disaster Case Manger with Upper Valley Strong


Lisa Gold Morse is another new UV Strong Disaster Case Manager, but no stranger to disaster case management.  Lisa, an occupational therapist in our region, conducted disaster case management in California after several earthquakes through the Department of Mental Health in Southern California.  Lisa also worked with FEMA through the San Bernardino county in California.


You can reach Matt and Lisa at (603) 676-7958 or leave a message for Upper Valley Strong. Please contact UV Strong if you have any unresolved issues related to flood damage from the recent flood event.

Flood Cases Continue to Rise

The number of flood related cases in our area continues to rise.  Disaster-related damages range from flooded basements, flood debris on properties, and by far the most numerous, damaged driveways.  Upper Valley Strong is reaching out to towns, municipalities, and numerous emergency managers to try to locate people whose homes, properties, and businesses have been impacted by the recent flooding.

Please let us know if you have flood-related damages to your home, property, or business.  UV Strong wants to connect you with assistance in recovering from the damages to get you back on your feet and on with your regular activities.

Flash Flooding Hits the Upper Valley Area


Intense rain hits Vermont and New Hampshire, resulting in flooding across the areas.  You can access help by filling out our “I Need Help” form and emailing it to us.  Someone from Upper Valley Strong will contact you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, stay tuned in to weather alerts on Google Public Alerts.

  • If your home has been damaged, take pictures to document the damage.
  • Avoid walking or driving through flood waters.
  • Just 6 inches of moving water can knock you down, and 1 foot of water can sweep your vehicle away.
  • If floodwaters rise around your car but the water is not moving, abandon the car and move to higher ground.
  • Do not leave the car and enter moving water

Rob Schultz Rejoins Upper Valley Strong Steering Committee

Rob Schultz, Upper Valley Area Director with Granite United Way, recently rejoined the Upper Valley Strong (UV Strong) Steering Committee.  Rob, formerly the Executive Director with COVER Home Repair, was an original Steering Committee Member with UV Strong since its origin in 2011, after Tropical Storm Irene.  Recently, Rob resigned from COVER Home Repair and stepped off UV Strong’s steering committee.  As Granite United Way’s Area Director, Rob oversees the fundraising and community impact work in the Upper Valley region.  The UV Strong Steering Committee is excited to welcome Rob Schultz back and look forward to working with him to maintain our regional disaster recovery resilience.

DEMHS Promotes Regional Groups

DEMHS Invests in Regional Disaster Recovery Groups

The Vermont Department of Emergency Management Homeland Security (DEMHS) awarded a $21,000 grant to Anne Duncan Cooley and Anne Goodrich, both of Upper Valley Strong, to provide consulting services in support of regional disaster recovery groups.  Consulting services will support Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COADs).  COADs coordinate local, regional, and national resources to help people recover from the impacts of disasters more quickly and effectively.

Three Regions Receive Benefits of Grant

The project focuses on three regional groups ; Windham region, southern Windsor, and Chittenden region.  The Southern Windham COAD in the Windham Regional Planning Commission region formed in summer of 2016.  The Precision Valley Disaster Recovery Group, a former Long Term Disaster Recovery Group, formed during Tropical Storm Irene in the Southern Windsor Regional Planning Commission region.  The Chittenden Regional Planning Commission region will create their very first COAD.  Consulting services will promote COAD growth; websites, phone lines, training programs, resources, and networking with like-minded organizations.  Services with also promote networking with regional, state, and national emergency management organizations to help these groups become more informed and involved with municipal disaster recovery.

State Farm Grant Funds Volunteer Construction Coordinator Training

Website Photo for Con. Coord. Page


Thanks to a grant from State Farm Insurance, Upper Valley Strong is currently recruiting Volunteer Construction Coordinators. These trained volunteers will work with our Construction Manager, volunteers, and Voluntary Agencies Active in Disasters (VOADs) to oversee and manage disaster recovery efforts in our region.  UV Strong will provide training for disaster site construction management, focusing on the distinction between disaster recovery and regular construction management.  This is an excellent opportunity for professional construction firms to assist area residents whose homes are impacted by disasters.

UV Strong is currently contacting area construction firms to determine their interest in this program. Please contact us if you (or some organization you know) have experience in construction management and are interested in this opportunity to help neighbors after disasters strike.

Click here to contact us and learn more about our training program.

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